• Industrial/Manufacturing


    PLC’s approach with each industrial client is consistent:  Gain an understanding of the industrial processes and production priorities; identify the fire and explosion hazards associated with the materials and process; then develop options for eliminating or mitigating the risks. 

  • Assembly Occupancy

    Assembly Occupancy

    PLC has experience in performance based evaluations such as timed egress studies and modeling of fire and smoke spread.   PLC also has experience in review of assembly facilities to make sure that all details are code compliant. 

  • Nuclear Fire Protection

    Nuclear Fire Protection

    PLC is a well-known and respected fire safety engineering firm in the nuclear industry.  This has been demonstrated through its past and ongoing work activities in support of nuclear facility operators and development of industry fire safety regulations.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Fires and explosions are unpredictable and therefore one of the most serious risks impacting our petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries.  Assiduous management of fire and explosion risks are vital if incidents of this type are to be avoided. 

  • Heritage Buildings

    Heritage Buildings

    PLC Fire Safety Solutions has extensive experience in retrofitting Heritage buildings.  Our staff of seasoned professionals can do so in a manner that maximizes public safety and property conservation while minimizing the impact on the historical value of the building.

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Go beyond fire compliance achieve better fire safety protocols


From modeling to reporting accurately assess fire hazards


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Fire Protection Engineering Team Specializing in Fire and Explosion Protection

PLC Fire Safety Solutions is a global leader in the field of Fire Protection Engineering. PLC projects include power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, plastics plants, food processing plants, hazardous waste facilities, military, and hospitals.  PLC nuclear group specializes in the provision of regulatory consulting services to the nuclear power industry.

PLC excels in the development of innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to meet the fire safety needs of our clients. PLC's experienced engineers are active contributors to the profession and participate in professional organizations such as SFPE, NFPA, and CSA to ensure PLC experts remain current in the field.

PLC maintains an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management program to promote continuous improvement in the quality of our services.



PLC Fire Safety Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Ghaith Qamheiah as their new president effective November 1st, 2017.  Ghaith Qamheiah succeeds Luke Morrison who will remain with the company as a Senior Technical Specialist.

Ghaith Qamheiah, a licensed Professional Engineer, has been with PLC Fire Safety Solutions for ten years.  He joined the Company as a Principal Engineer initially tasked with overseeing the establishment and management of the Company’s branch in the Greater Toronto Area.  He was later promoted to Director of Client Operations where he oversaw the business development and project management initiatives of the Company.  During his time with PLC Fire Safety Solutions, Ghaith Qamheiah emphasized the importance of providing a customer-centric experience, which has proven effective in establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships; a solid foundation for future growth.

Commenting on the appointment, Ghaith Qamheiah acknowledged that he has big shoes to fill, but is looking forward to the challenge of the new role and continuing to forge a bright future for the company.

In addition to his eighteen years of fire safety experience, Ghaith Qamheiah has held high-level management positions with other companies in the past, both public and private, and continues to serve as an advisor to several businesses. His unique combination of business and fire protection experience will help PLC Fire Safety Solutions firmly position itself as a leader in the global Fire Safety Engineering market.

Featured Project

CCP Composites Canada Inc.

CCP Composites Canada Inc.

In this project, PLC was tasked with assisting CCP Composites Canada Inc. with the development of an approach to fire and life safety code compliance for the relocation of its Ontario facility from Mississauga to Brampton.

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