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PLC audits are designed to identify program weaknesses and verify regulatory compliance.


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PLC is a well-known and respected fire safety engineering firm in the nuclear industry.  This has been demonstrated through its past and ongoing work activities in support of nuclear facility operators and development of industry fire safety regulations.

PLC’s technical staff includes active committee members of the Technical Committee on Fire Protection for Nuclear Power Plants (CAN/CSA-N293) and the Technical Committee on Fire Protection for Facilities that Process, Handle, or Store Nuclear Substances (CAN/CSA-N393).  PLC staff is also well versed with other international fire safety standards relating to the nuclear industry including publications by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

PLC has performed a number of fire hazard analyses and code compliance reviews as well as assisted in the development, review and audit of fire protection programs for various types of facilities in the nuclear industry including:

  • Power Generating Plant
  • Nuclear Research Reactors
  • Nuclear Research Facilities
  • Nuclear Waste Management Facilities
  • Uranium Mining
  • Refining and Conversion Facilities
  • Fuel Processing Facilities

PLC staff has extensive experience in the application of codes and standards governing the various stages of the nuclear life cycle as well as the unique fire safety challenges associated with each of these stages.  PLC has developed software for Performance-Based Fire Assessments for Nuclear Safety (PB FANS) to support effective service delivery to clients.  This unique, web-based software also permits clients access to important data on fire hazards and safety assessments.  Another way PLC is working with clients to provide effective fire safety solutions.

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