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PLC audits are designed to identify program weaknesses and verify regulatory compliance.


From modeling to reporting accurately assess fire hazards


Diverse solutions tailored to your industrial needs


Industrial fire and explosion hazards are as unique as each industry is unique.  Some industries have many people who work in a single building; others have large facilities but relatively few people.  The hazards associated with each industry are different; a hazard in one industry could be life-threatening while in another industry a fire or explosion hazard could have significant financial consequences to the company in terms of property loss or continuity of operations.

PLC’s approach with each industrial client is consistent:  Gain an understanding of the industrial processes and production priorities; identify the fire and explosion hazards associated with the materials and process; then develop options for eliminating or mitigating the risks.  PLC has used a variety of technical resources to identify hazards, quantify their magnitude and evaluate the contribution of protection measures.  The company has an extensive library on industrial fire and explosion hazards.  A number of software tools are available to technical staff for hazard evaluation and consequence assessment.  Where tools were not available to meet the client's needs, PLC has developed the necessary tools to do the job.  

Most PLC clients are repeat customers.  The following is a list of industries we have served:

  • Power Generation (Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear)
  • Processing (Mining & Mineral, Wood, Hazardous Waste, Nuclear Material)
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Flexible Packaging 
  • Printing
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining and Mineral Processing

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