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PLC audits are designed to identify program weaknesses and verify regulatory compliance.


From modeling to reporting accurately assess fire hazards


Diverse solutions tailored to your industrial needs


One of PLC's most valuable technical resources is its Library. The PLC library has more than 11,000 entries relating to life safety, fire science, explosions, smoke control and fire protection systems.

The Library contains more than 3,700 current fire-related codes and standards.  In addition to current standards, PLC's library archives contain NFPA standards dating back to the 1950's; a valuable resource in forensic work as well as in researching the history of a specific standard's development.

The library contains research papers from major fire research organizations in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and other countries. These papers date back to the 1960's and also contain some of the most recent research from these same organizations.

Handbooks of ignition and flammability properties; textbooks on performance-based approaches to fire safety; fire dynamics; occupancy fire hazards; fire protection system design and historical accounts of major fires, all help our technical staff in understanding the fire problem and solutions for controlling loss. Each year PLC commits funds to update and improve its technical library.