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PB Fans

The Performance-Based Fire Assessment for Nuclear Safety (PB Fans) application is an integrated, interactive, and web-based data management application designed to support fire hazard assessments for the nuclear industries. The PB Fans application stores the data required to define fire hazards, conduct fire safe shutdown analyses, provide information on fire safety features, and document regulatory compliance reviews. Developed by PLC over the past ten years, this proprietary database has continued to evolve and improve in functionality.

Originally created to manage an inventory of data for fire hazards and nuclear safety systems, it became apparent to the PLC engineers using the PB Fans application, that it had the potential to be utilized for many practical and broader ranging operations for their clients.

Some of the many highlights of the PB Fans performance features are:

  • Storage, management, and retrieval of large amounts of data
  • Search, sort, and data verification
  • Efficiency in updating existing data and entering new data
  • Flexible data presentation
  • Performance of specific calculations based on the data
  • Capture of technical evaluation results required by the safety regulation
  • Management of specific queries and generation of report results for regulatory review
  • Integration with PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment) requirements
  • Client access for reviews and use.