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PLC audits are designed to identify program weaknesses and verify regulatory compliance.


From modeling to reporting accurately assess fire hazards


Diverse solutions tailored to your industrial needs


Hospitals, Care Facilities, and Retirement Homes have unique fire and life safety challenges that demand the highest level of expertise and knowledge to safeguard patients, staff, and visitors.  The main risk from fire within any healthcare facility is the danger to their patients including infants, the elderly, mental health patients, and other non-ambulatory patients, as they would not be unable to adequately follow procedures in an emergency. 

PLC’s Fire Protection Engineers have extensive expertise in developing performance-based fire safety strategies for all types of healthcare facilities.  Each Healthcare facility is unique and utilizes different forms of construction, systems, and operations. 

PLC provides fire engineering services including the design of life safety systems, completion of fire safety studies, fire program audits, fire risk assessments, and emergency planning. PLC also provides practical engineering solutions, including innovative fire system design, computer-based fire, smoke, and evacuation modelling, and the use of performance-based solutions to address industry-specific risks.

PLC Fire Safety Solutions are the healthcare industry experts that can provide comprehensive assistance for all types of healthcare facilities in assessing and addressing their fire and life safety needs.

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