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LOSS INVESTIGATION                                          

Fires and explosions often destroy the evidence of their origin. This makes determining the cause of the event, and the reasons for the extent of damage, difficult to establish. However, establishing the cause of a loss and identifying factors contributing to the extent of the loss is necessary to prevent similar incidents and assign liability.

PLC has several engineers with knowledge and experience to assist in explaining fire and explosion events. PLC's engineers have expertise in the following areas:

  • Fire cause determination
  • Fire growth and spread
  • Fire and explosion dynamics
  • Modelling of fire events
  • Identification of factors contributing to the loss
  • Material flammability
  • Fire protection system operation/contribution
  • Role of emergency response in controlling losses
  • Fire safety codes and standards

PLC's activities in the loss investigation and forensic engineering field range from file/report review to complete investigation and reporting. Specialists providing this service have been declared experts in most of the previously referenced areas.

PLC uses scientific methodologies in its investigations to reach supportable and defendable conclusions which consider all factors and views of a particular loss. The scientific method includes a collection of facts, collecting of evidence for testing, hypothesis testing and reaching final conclusions on the event.  Findings are discussed with the client and, where appropriate, documented in a report.  All investigations are reviewed internally for technical accuracy in a formal quality review.

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